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We believe in Infinite Human Potential and The Float Pod® is taking a step forward in providing an unparalleled environment for relaxation, pain relief and so much more. We are currently taking orders on the 2017 model of the Float Pod®. Please look through our models and feel free to contact us for questions.

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About Us

Simply stated, The Float Pod® currently contains the most features for the best price. Going forward we believe the industry as a whole will catch up with our features and price, but what truly differentiates us is our exceptional customer service. We will provide the best service to all our customers and will provide essentials to make our clients business succeed.

The warranty is an industry first and truly differentiates us from our competition. We offer a Replacement Kit to all commercial clients and give a kit to any order of three plus Pods.
We are Spa owners ourselves and being down for a day or week is NOT an option. The Replacement Kit will allow you to get your Pod up and running within minutes, not hours or days. From there we will replace the parts you needed and used as part of the warranty.
We wanted to create a product line that demonstrates both function and beauty. By incorporating the best in Pod design, solving functionality problems in the industry as a whole and partnered with a manufacturer with 30 years of experience, the result speaks for itself. A beautifully designed product line that does not compromise on functionality or ease of use.
Contact us for inquiries about international orders and shipping. We do it all.

Float Pod® Customers

  • True REST Float Spa (Tempe AZ)
  • Kernsville Hot Yoga (Kernsville NC)
  • InSPArations Float Spa (Layton UT)
  • Stillwater Float Center (Boise ID)
  • Go Float Yourself (Henderson NV)
  • Aqua Therapy Clinics (Gilbert AZ)