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Chromotherapy: The Light Looks Good.

Several ancient cultures, including the Chinese and Egyptians, practiced a healing method known as Chromotherapy, or light therapy. The therapy is still practiced by some today, typically by applying lights of specific colors to the body. Proponents of Chromotherapy believe in using lights of different colors, and that the use of these colors can positively …


A Brief History of the Floatation Tank.

The value of Sensory Deprivation has been known and thus sought out by many cultures and traditions for ions, but the first floatation tanks were developed in 1954 by Dr. John C. Lilly. Lilly was a psychoanalyst and neurophysiologist who set out to create an environment in which he could conduct scientific research on the brain …


UV and Ozone: The Best of Nature for Your Float Pod®.

One of the most important features of a floatation tank is the purification system(s) it uses to maintain pristine water for each and every guest. That’s why each Float Pod® comes standard with—not only an easy to change filter—but also both UV (ultraviolet) and Ozone treatment, which run constantly when the pod is not in …


Why Choose a Float Pod®?

As floatation therapy continues to grow in popularity and its massive range of benefits become more widely known, there are an assortment of float tanks/pods/rooms to choose from. We’re firm believers that the Float Pod® is the best choice—sure, we may have a bit of a bias—but following this brief summary of the Float Pod’s …