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Book Review: The Book of Floating by Michael Hutchinson.

It doesn’t take long to fall in love with floating—but if you’re anything like me you may seek the “why!?” to accompany the transformative experiences you can find in the Float Pod. Where did floating come from? What are it’s measurable effects? How does it work—how are it’s benefits so widespread and bountiful? What different …


Beyond “How Was Your Float?”: 8 Powerful Post-Float Questions

After a guest’s float, you will naturally want to know more about their experience. Some guests will be more talkative and open in sharing their stories, while others may be less inclined to share. Feeling out how much to ask, or not to ask post-float for each client can be a delicate balance; you want …


Float Center Ambiance: Little Details Make a Big Difference.

When it comes to designing a float center—it’s the little things. These details are not necessarily expensive, but they are some of the most important—they allow you to create a cohesive ambiance throughout your facility that crafts a consistent experience for your guest from entry to exit. With the float itself being a peaceful removal …


Float PodⓇ : The Technology of Feeling Great.

There are an extensive list of benefits when it comes to floating and, thus, there are equally as many ways the Float PodⓇ could be branded. Float Pod’s original tagline was “Infinite Human Potential”. Certainly a suitable description for such a versatile and transformative tool—but it was time to simplify. We could choose verbiage that …