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This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of Floating with Sound

The Mozart Effect: A pop-science theory that suggests listening to classical music creates a cognitive boost that can aid in reasoning, problem solving, and even increase IQ. Popularized in the 1990s, The Mozart Effect inspired a generation of symphony attendees to buy up all the Bach they could. The media buzz eventually subsided when products …


Releasing the “Deprivation” Stigma.

"Sensory Deprivation" is an innocent enough term—save the heavy burden that the term “deprivation” carries in our culture. Many float centers have embraced a “rebranding” of this powerful therapy since it began regaining popularity— to better describe and convey the healing potential it offers. Hearing the word “deprive”, what may come to mind for most ...

Making the Most of Mp3 Integration

Because the Float Pod® has multiple music abilities you can control guest’s music, or allow them to bring their own. With this freedom there are a variety of ways to make the most of Mp3 integration! Empower guests to explore further avenues of flotation’s potential by encouraging them to bring in any type of audio …


The Science of Floating for Pain Relief

It is constantly demonstrated in float spas around the world that floating can tremendously impact pain and speed healing time. Despite the testimonials of many, scientific data is important to validate claims such as these—and that’s been done, too! REST therapy has been noted for years in studies as having a tremendous impact on pain …

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