Category Interview


Float Trade

Learn how to leverage your new float center – trading floats in exchange for local products and services is a win-win for you and your community.


Essential Rooms & Square Footage

Alden and Nick cover the recommended square footage of a float spa and the pod rooms. They also talk about essential and non-essential rooms to include when building out a new float spa.


What is Sacrifice to You?

A little wisdom from our friends Alden and Sage! What should you exclude to gain more…


Finding the Right Location for your Spa

Learn insider tips of where to start your new Float Spa. Learn how to negotiate your lease, and possibly get free rent and tenant improvements! Find the right landlord and learn all the in’s and out’s of finding the perfect location for your float spa.


Float Spa Memberships

Learn the importance of memberships and monthly recurring income when operating a commercial Float Spa. Learn how to create income from Day 1 before a single client walks through your door. Double your membership conversions and learn how True REST went from 5% to 8% to 10%, to 15%, all the way to 25% conversions! …


Float Pod® Business Package

Alden Witte interviews Nick Janicki, owner of True REST float spa, and discuss business package options that are available with the purchase of a Float Pod®. An initial deposit gets you instant access to 4 years of data and numbers from the True REST float spa, basic floorplans, build-out information and tips, a 6 minute …