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Resolve to Reset: Reach Your Goals in 2017 with Flotation Therapy

Looking to make a life change in 2017? No matter your resolution, flotation therapy can give you the physical, mental, and creative boost you need to reach your goal with ease. Get In Shape: Trying to keep up with a new gym regimen? The Epsom salts used for floating have been proven to help heal …


Float Away Your Claustrophobia in Float Pod

We hear it all the time from first-time floaters all the time: How big are the pods? How do the doors work? There’s no WAY I could float – I’d feel trapped! Our first piece of advice to ease anxiety? Just lay back and relax! Float Pods are designed for clients of all shapes and sizes …


The Medical Benefits of Magnesium Sulfate

Whether you come from a family of naturopaths, a long line of medical school grads, or you were regularly instructed to just “walk it off,” you probably noticed a bag of Epsom salts stashed in the medicine cabinet growing up. They may have been pulled out for the occasional foot soak, but the home remedy …


This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of Floating with Sound

The Mozart Effect: A pop-science theory that suggests listening to classical music creates a cognitive boost that can aid in reasoning, problem solving, and even increase IQ. Popularized in the 1990s, The Mozart Effect inspired a generation of symphony attendees to buy up all the Bach they could. The media buzz eventually subsided when products …


Destination: Your Float Spa.

Are you thinking of opening a Float Center, or adding a Float Pod to your current endeavor? Whether choosing a spot for your first float center or implementing a Float Pod into your existing business, a great advantage of being in the float industry is the very nature of the business: your Pod is a …


Float PodⓇ : The Technology of Feeling Great.

There are an extensive list of benefits when it comes to floating and, thus, there are equally as many ways the Float PodⓇ could be branded. Float Pod’s original tagline was “Infinite Human Potential”. Certainly a suitable description for such a versatile and transformative tool—but it was time to simplify. We could choose verbiage that …